The year that was…

By December 21, 2017purpl.

Last night a friend asked how my year had gone. I hesitated before answering. Social conditioning has programmed us to automatically respond ‘great!’…but this answer didn’t come spontaneously to me. Instead, I reflected on the year that has been and a flurry of adjectives came to mind — stressful, challenging, sleep depriving, uplifting, hard, tiring, satisfying, nerve racking, formative, fun…a mix of emotions that range from the downright depressing to the greatest moments of joy and satisfaction.

On January 1st, I embarked on an adventure as the sole owner of theROQUE. My business partner and I parted ways (amicably) and I was free to take the agency in the direction I wanted — no questions asked. I had the team I wanted (and love), we had a new office space that generated a more daring and dynamic creative output from everyone and our existing client portfolio was impressive and would help in generating new business. However, at that exact moment, I felt like theROQUE had become a start-up, 6 years into its existence.

We all know what start-ups can be like. Few succeed, many fail. It’s damn hard work, the momentum can be relentless and tension levels can sometimes be tipped over the edge. But here we are, at the end of our “first” year with a client portfolio that has doubled in the last 12 months, a team of players that have stepped it up to make change and success possible and a forecast for the year ahead that surpasses even my most optimistic expectations. (And y’all know I’m a glass-full kind of girl).

So with this, I’d like to express my appreciation to those of you who have helped make it happen.

Let me start with our clients. New and Old. Thank you for believing in us and trusting us to take your business journey with you. As we like to say at theROQUE, relationships are at the heart of our work processes and your openness and continuous support have made our work for you the best work we have produced yet. Believe me when I say, it’s just going to get better too!

To my suppliers — printers, photographers, media agencies, coders, illustrators and copywriters. Without you, our work wouldn’t be complete. Thank you for sharing our work ethics and understanding our attention to detail.

To my family and friends who have supported me throughout this journey with encouraging words, endless support of this hard-working mum and the continuous compliments. (I’m just a girl at heart, and a compliment is never wasted on me!!).

To our Revolver Lane co-tenants. What a dynamic, eclectic and inspiring bunch of gurus you all are. This place feels like home and it’s a pleasure to see your ugly mugs every day!!

To my work family. For 5 days a week (sometimes weekends too!), 8–10 hours a day, through the ups and downs, you have never wavered. At the start of the year, I told you it would be a tough one and that I needed you all to step up, and step up you did. I watched you all grow and transform from a great team into an incredible team with super powers. You all just worked and got shit done — and knocked the ball out of the park on several occasions. You allowed me to go MIA for 2 months this year and held the fort brilliantly. I love who you have become. Who we have become and where we are going.

So going back to that question: how was my year? Yeah it was great. But watch out 2018. It’s going to be f’ing awesome!


ps: oh, almost forgot: happy holidays!!

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