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User Experience

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We take the journey with our clients, ensuring that expectations are unified, exciting and happy.

Working Agile

Our approach enables us to flex, but not break; allowing collaboration with our clients with a distinct agile approach.

Creative Empathy

Empathy is a key component to creativity.
The better we know our clients, the better equipped we become in understanding what they want, not what they think they want.


noun: a highly qualified group of creative individuals

synonyms: pick of the bunch, cream of the crop, flashmob, premiership winning team, excellent crowd, amazing peeps

• TheRoque has an amazing quaglion at their disposal

This is who
we work with

This is
who we

Sandra Catalano
Managing Director
Jordan Taylor-Bartels
Head of Digital
J-L Premoselli
Digital Manager
Peta O’Brien
Account Manager
Steve Mackey
Creative Director
Michelle Mackinven
Senior Designer
Fabio De Gregorio
UX Designer
Anna Karina
Graphic designer

We are not alone….
Our collaborative includes a quaglion of freelancers and subcontractors

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